What’s wonderful about thresher

Thresher and his siblings are all named after different shark species, but don’t let his ‘scary’ shark name fool you – this boy is much more of a guppy! He loves his people, dog friends, and one of his very best friends is the guinea pig he currently lives with.   Thresher is a velcro dog, and once you are in his inner circle he will stick to you like glue. He loves to show off all the skills he has learned with PADS and is looking forward to learning some new tricks with his forever family.
 He is a sweet and easy dog to have around the home, and is lovely on leash out on walks.  Thresher loves to goof around and will play tug all day if you’re game. He also enjoys a little pampering (who doesn’t?!) and the treats he gets ins return for his patience during grooming and nail trims.


Thresher is a sensitive soul who doesn’t like to be alone.  He has separation anxiety which limits the time that he can be left on his own – in Thresher’s perfect world you would never leave his side. He would do best with a family who have at least one person home during the day and access to a trusted dog-sitter for those times that he needs to stay behind.  
Thresher can be timid and unsure in new situations. He looks to his person for support and needs you to be his champion. Thresher would likely prefer a quieter household and a slow and careful introduction to any kids in his life. Patience, time, and a soft positive approach will help this boy truly shine.   


Home Requirements

Someone must be home the majority of the day. As with all PADS dogs that have spent their lives in the full-time company of their raisers, the living situation must accommodate not leaving Thresher alone at home for more than 4 hours/day.

A stable home environment is required. This includes regular exercise, grooming, veterinarian care, food, as well as other necessary supplies and equipment.

Released PADS dogs do not have public access, meaning they are not allowed to enter malls, restaurants, hotels, or shops that are not pet friendly. They are only permitted to go to public locations that are pet dog friendly. Before releasing a dog from our program, PADS evaluates each dog for other working careers. Thresher is not eligible for any other working career. Therefore, one of the conditions of adoption is that he may not be used by other agencies for other working roles (some exceptions may apply depending on the reasons of release, such as volunteering as a pet visitation dog).


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Thresher’s separation struggles made him unsuitable as a working dog

Adoption fee: $3000 (+GST/PST)
Birthdate: July 17, 2022
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat Colour: Yellow
Weight: 66 lbs

Location: Thresher is located in the lower mainland


Thresher is tattooed, micro-chipped, eyes checked, hips x-rayed, and vaccinations are up to date.

Therapy Work: Due to his temperament, PADS does NOT give Thresher approval to be certified as a volunteer pet visitation dog (i.e St Johns Ambulance/Pets and Friends, etc).