Meet Amora and the Silver family. The night before they were scheduled to bring home sweet Amora their pet, Bohdi, passed away unexpectedly, keep reading to find out how Amora is helping this family find healing and smiles.

February 9th was the day 8 week old Amora was going to be joining our home as our newest puppy in training. There was no doubt she would be squirming, licking, cuddling and biting her way into James’s heart as well as my own. And our own dog Bodhi would with every gesture be saying “Really? Another one?” But just as he had grown to mostly love and certainly accept each other PADS puppy that had come through our home, we were sure he would do the same with Amora, and ultimately even miss her when it was time for her to move on.

But the unthinkable happened the day before Amora was to arrive. Our beloved Bodhi passed suddenly. We had expected to have many more years with him and were devastated. James and I were filled with—what at that point felt like—an incomprehensible amount of grief. Our very special, very loved Bodhi was in every corner of the house, and yet he was gone.

Those first few days we weren’t sure if we would or could bring Amora into our home. Could we get past the grief and sadness to be able to focus on her the way she deserved and needed? But bring her home we did, one week later. Needless to say, opening our hearts to this sweet, loving feisty sweetheart was as easy as could be.

How could we help but smile when we watch Amora entertaining herself with her toys. Or when she does her trademark tail spinning. Or when she falls fast asleep on our feet. And how could we not want to do all that we could to try to set her up for life as a successful service dog?

We miss Bodhi. We are still grieving. But we thank Amora daily for coming into our lives, helping us to live with our sadness and bringing us so much joy, delight, purpose and love!