Advanced Sitter Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advanced Sitter!

Our Advanced Training Sitters do the important work of caring for the dogs in advanced training when they are not working with their trainer or instructor. This typically is done on weekends for most advanced dogs, however the dogs may also go to sitters for specific training needs during the week, when their trainer is unavailable or when the campus is closed. We are also looking for Advanced Training Sitters who might be able to take an advanced dog for sitting and training off campus throughout the week for a few weeks or longer.

Advanced Training Sitters build on the foundations laid in puppy-raising while also ensuring that the work and training being done by PADS training staff is further strengthened, reinforced, and maintained. The daily responsibility of an Advanced Training Sitter includes obedience, body handling/grooming as well as behaviour modification activities as needed and directed by staff.

As with all PADS roles, being an Advanced Training Sitter requires commitment and dedication and is incredibly rewarding. This role differs from others in the organization in that your commitment is made to the program requirements rather than an individual dog – meaning you are part of a dynamic team that all work together to help every dog in advanced training succeed.  This means the dog you are assigned may change from time to time (sometimes even week to week) to best support the success of dogs in advanced training.

Prior to filling out the application below please review the following to see if this is the right volunteer role for you at PADS.

The Ideal Advanced Sitter


  • enjoy working on structured training daily
  • appreciate direct (and sometimes on the fly) feedback and the opportunity to grow in your skills
  • are able to follow specialized instructions and willing to adapt on the fly to meet the needs of the dog
  • enjoy working with a variety of dogs and would welcome a change of dog even if the change was on the day of pickup (note: it is the norm for advanced dogs to move regularly to different sitters, trainers or even regions during their time in advanced training)
  • are detail oriented and enjoy providing documentation/written feedback

Requirements & Time Commitment


  • Minimum 6-month commitment
  • Consistency and commitment are key: 60 minutes daily of training (usually in several shorter sessions) and dedicated care which includes:
    • duration cues (obedience, etc)
    • daily grooming and body handling exercise
  • Dogs in your care must be regularly socialized in a variety of environments (stores, restaurants, etc) and this may include requests to go on or avoid specific outings depending on the training challenges of the dog or matched client needs.
  • Ability to follow video or written instructions and provide written feedback
  • For weekend sitters: Willingness to do pick up and drop offs on Mondays and Fridays
  • For weekday sitters: Willingness to do pick up and drop offs during weekday as scheduled.
  • Physically able to handle a wide variety of dogs – including those that may pull on leash (management tools may be used and will be provided to minimize risk of injury to the volunteer)
  • Participation for training may be in-person on occasion (monthly or bi-monthly) and via online learning classes (weekly or bi-weekly)

Preference given to:

  • We’re actively seeking volunteers that are also available midweek as needed
  • We’re actively seeking volunteers that are available for longer term care and off-site training of advanced dogs (for a few weeks or months)
  • Volunteers that are able to perform all grooming tasks with instruction from PADS staff
  • Volunteers that are willing to make a 12 month+ commitment to the advanced training program

If this sounds like a good fit for you, press the button below and fill out an application form! We look forward to hearing from you.