Meet PADS Aries and his new partner Emily!  Emily and Aries are an amazing pair who are taking on new adventures in the world side-by-side.

Aries came to PADS through the Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative from Dogs with Wings in Edmonton, AB. He traveled to the Okanagan Puppy-Raising Program to meet his Puppy-Raisers Kristen & Lee who knew that knew that he would provide amazing companionship to whoever he was matched with. Once Aries was ready for Advanced Training, he traveled to the Lower Mainland where he met his Trainer and his Advanced Sitters Carol & Ken. Here, his Trainer worked to teach him tasks specific skills such as retrieves and tugs (and so much more) that he is now using to help Emily. Aries was sponsored by Total Pet – Vernon and Willson Tree Service.

All together this team helped Aries grow from an excited 8-week-old puppy, into a confident adult dog ready to take on the world one adventure at a time.

Aries' Pupdates

To read more about Aries’ journey throughout puppy-raising, check out his Pupdates below.

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