The Dogfather—PADS Caber—Retires

PADS Caber, placed with Kim Gramlich, Coordinator at Delta Police Victim Services in 2010.  Since then to say he’s had an enormous impact, both in the people he directly serves and the Justice Facility Dog industry in Canada would be an understatement.  Today, Caber hands over his vest to a new recruit, PADS Puma, a two year old golden with a magnetic personality and unusually gentle and calm demeanor.  

We could say more, but instead we share with you this video journey down memory lane, and some messages from very special friends that Caber has made along the way. 

While Caber has been an extraordinary working dog, he is also an extraordinary dog who has impacted the people he meets – near and far – and we have no doubt he will continue to do so from his “barka-lounger” in his retirement!

Spare Some Bananas?

My friends have asked if they can send me retirement Bananas, but I’m afraid I now have so many I can’t eat them all in time!

If you want to give a retirement gift that will never go rotten, check out my fundraising page for PADS – your gift will help make sure that people facing hard things will always have a PADS friend like me or my sister Puma to turn too.