Melanie Hayden

Melanie Hayden is the 2019 Volunteer of the Year for PADS Calgary. Her first role in PADS was to raise Keaton in 2001. She came back to PADS in the summer of 2014 and became a Sitter. One of her specialized roles (prior to COVID, of course) has been to organize Puppy Parties, where an entire new litter is taken out just prior to dispersal to raisers for a gentle, carefully controlled visit with the staff of a large organization, which then contributes a sizable donation to our puppy raising program. Melanie’s greatest passion, however, is Volunteer Recognition, and towards that end, her super-skill has been her on-point caring and support of PADS volunteers and staff in our Region, leading us all by her example. She is the first to say, “Good job!” or “Beautiful photo!” on social media. She also loves to cook and will set aside portions of delicious meals to share with volunteers and staff. We love what she brings to our organization! Congratulations, Melanie!