How they are Moving for PADS

The Cassette Set are a team of PADS enthusiasts who are on a mission to raise money for PADS while cycling their hearts out! Self confessed “retro-bones” who may not be the fastest or fittest group, they still “have the determination of a Labrador and the compassion of a Golden Retriever.”

One of the team members, Susie, told us:

“Inspired by the cycling adventure Lauren Calancie did last year, I wanted to see if I could train and ride a fair distance within the lower mainland. I mentioned this wacky goal to a few friends of mine and now they’re all joining in on the fun! The Cassette Sets beginner cycling group will be biking together from Burnaby to Chilliwack (~100km) on Aug 21st.”

Why they are Moving for PADS

With everyone having a personal connection, each team member has plenty of reasons to join in on MOVE for PADS.  “We all believe in the important work PADS does to change lives. All of us in one way or another have seen the impact dogs have in people’s lives. The 100km ride is something we will all feel connected to as friends and family. Doing this ride means we support these great dogs and their much-needed services.” – Susie

Meet the Team

We’ve got a crack team of pedallers who are burning rubber on the road! Okay… they may not be going quite that fast, but it’s a dedicated crew that is ready to push through the pain to see some personal, and PADS puppy training, gains! The team is made up of Kiran Basra, Keri Sutherland, Elana Spelling, Stephanie Ng, Susie Bakajic, Lorra Bedard, Tammi Palmer, Wendi Palmer, Cathy Fitzgerald, Dana Gallagher, Victoria Toth, and Ashley Siddals.

Ways to help

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TEAM GOAL: $3,000

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