How they are Moving for PADS

When we were deciding how we wanted to MOVE for PADS, we looked at what other people were doing, and it was pretty intimidating how ambitious they are! We aren’t exactly spring chickens, so we decided that instead of taking on a big challenge (and probably failing) we would do something fun and match every donation dollar-for-dollar. We really like riding our bikes around Vancouver, and we really like local craft beer, so we decided to put them together with a Bikes and Beer tour of East Van. It’s the exact opposite of ambitious, but it allows us to raise twice as much for PADS!


Why they are Moving for PADS

Cathy and Shawn are currently raising their 7th pup for PADS. Throughout that time Cathy states “we have seen first-hand the incredible impact the dogs  have made on peoples’ lives. PADS Dogs  give people with disabilities the thing others take for granted: the independence and freedom to go where they want and do what they want to do. And they do it with constant love and wagging tails! Who wouldn’t want to support that?

Ways to help

  • Want to have your donation doubled? Click the donation box at right (or below if you’re on mobile), Cathy and Shawn are matching every donation up to $1,000!
  • Want to spread the word about this awesome adventure? Share this story along with other “Movers” stories on social media to help raise awareness about PADS.


Cathy, Shawn &

PADS Greco

TEAM GOAL: $1,000

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