How they are Moving for PADS

Scooby and Chantelle are going for bike rides together…. and this is not in the most conventional way. Running beside a bike is hard on pups joints, but pulling a trailer with a 45lbs 6 month old pup is a good for the human legs and heart. This bike trailor is also now known as Scooby’s mystery machine.  Since Scooby was so good on their recent bike ride to try and reach our lofty goal of $2000 Chantelle is now going to bike 1 km for every $10 dollars donated.


Why they are Moving for PADS

Chantelle writes: “Part of why I choose to raise service dogs is selfishly because I love having dogs in my life, but am in no place to commit to a dog for 15 years, nor would I feel good leaving the pup at home as I am still young in my career and frequently out of the house for long periods of time. On top of this I used to work as a developmental aide for kids living with various disabilities. I had many accidents as a child but was lucky to come out unscathed. Having worked with kiddos who aren’t as lucky really opens your eyes. These pups fill my days with laugher, learning… frustration (sometimes), but mostly love and make me feel like I have purpose. I know that these kids I used to work with will one day grow up and potentially look at having a service dog of their own. I can only imagine how much of a difference that future pup might make for them! This is why I raise these little monkeys and this is why I am moving for PADS.”

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Chantelle and Scooby


TEAM GOAL: $2,000

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