Meet Chantilly and her partner Ms.Karen. Together they spread Chantilly’s magic at an elementary school helping spread calm, love and understanding where ever they go.

Chantilly was whelped in the Westcoast Region by Ronnie and Rob and was then raised by a community of Puppy-Raisers at PADS, including Lindi and her family, Adrienne and Karen. Chantilly then entered advanced training in Burnaby where she met her Advanced Sitters Michelle & Joss and Tiffany while refining her skills with her Advanced Trainer. Chantilly was eventually placed as an Accredited Facility Dog with one of her Puppy-Raisers! While this doesn’t happen very often it truly was the best placement for Chantilly. We can truly say that Chantilly is incredibly loved.

We are so excited to see this placement blossom as time goes on and to continue to hear the amazing stories of impact this team is having on everyone at the school.

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Chantilly's Pupdates

To read more about Chantilly’s Journey throughout puppy-raising check out her Pupdates below. 

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