“Where to begin is so hard, each and every person at PADS has made such a difference in my life but here I go!

PADS has been a big miracle in my life. I had a spinal stroke in 2018 and my life was turned upside down. I lost more than the ability to use my legs effectively, I lost my confidence and my independence. When I received the call from PADS and heard my name was up on the list, it was the first time I had felt hopeful but I still didn’t understand what great things were coming my way. From the very start of the process, I was  treated like I mattered. I was treated like the things that I needed to improve in my life mattered. They spent a ton of time making sure that I matched the right service dog and all of that work made the best match in my  life.

When I started training, I was so nervous about my abilities, I was apologizing non stop about my pace and each and every time, Miranda would give me the confidence to know that this is my own journey and we can go at my pace. From the practical training with Rob and the hands on training with Miranda, I grew my confidence day-by-day. When I graduated, I felt like I could go out again to a store by myself. I felt confident that people were focused on my service dog Mallee instead of staring at me.  She has brought me a level of calm and confidence that I had been missing.

Mallee has had one of the biggest impacts on my life to date. She is so incredibly attentive and smart. She is getting everything I need before I even  think about it. She has brought me a confidence back that I had lost awhile ago. Her love and dedication to her work, with me, melts my heart everyday. I knew that she would benefit my life, I just didn’t know how much. I am unsure how I lived without her before now and can’t imagine life without her. I have such love an appreciation for everyone at PADS from the intake folks, the trainers and the raisers. Each and every person has improved my life for the better and I don’t even know how to thank them enough. I am loving the new world with Mallee and me.

Thank you to everyone at PADS for bringing me this intelligent beautiful soul who has improved my life more that you might ever even know.

Tons of Love

Cindy and Mallee