Clayton-amp-Ember-High-School-Graduation-July-2011“My PADS’ dog Ember and I were matched as a team in the summer of 2010.  Since then she has been a wonderful addition to all aspects of my life, especially with my last year in high school.

When I drop an object on the floor or need to open a door, Ember can assist me without having to wait for a care giver. Having Ember has also taught me a lot about handling responsibility as I have had to care for her and ensure that she was kept happy and healthy.

I am also more self-motivated and confident today then I was before I received Ember. I now volunteer my time with two different organizations and ride public transit independently. When I am in public, having Ember by my side gives people a clear indication that I am a confident and competent young man.

People are often curious about Ember which leads to opportunities to engage in conversation and helps me meet new people. I can no longer imagine a life without an Assistance Dog and I am sure this is just the beginning of many more great things to come in the future.

If it is at all within your power, please help raise and train more Assistance Dogs for more people like me. Ember has totally changed my life and since an Assistance Dog costs $30,000 over their lifetime of service, every dollar you donate makes it possible to change lives.”

– Clayton March and Ember