Cindy Masaro

Cindy has been an invaluable resource when not puppy-raising, Cindy is the Regional Director of Communicable Disease Control for Vancouver Coastal Health. Somehow while managing a pandemic, contact tracing and vaccine roll out for over a million people she found time to help US.  Throughout Covid Cindy helped keep our team safe. She also has been our go to for demystifying government regulations and understanding things like “can a dog be a vector of transmission?” Did anyone know what a vector was before this year?? Thank you, Cindy! You truly have been a COVID Hero for us this past year!

Lindi Porter

Lindi stepped up during COVID to take pressure off of staff and coordinate our emergency sitters list. Lindi jumped into action early in COVID and has continued to coordinate sitters throughout for any volunteers that was facing COVID or suspected cases of COVID.  Her support was invaluable to staff that were fielding the many other operational challenges of COVID. Thank you, Lindi, for all your amazing work. For staff and volunteers alike, you showed us what it meant to be a COVID hero!

PADS Tech Team

Meredith Areskoug and Tessa Matsuzaki are two fantastic volunteers that teamed up to save the collective bacon of our Communication and Puppy-Raising team when they took on tech support for the Google Classroom Launch. 

They created tutorial videos, walked people patiently through their technology by phone and Zoom, and generally rocked our socks and singlehandedly got hundreds of volunteers up and running in online learning. 

Thank you, Meredith & Tessa for your creative and dedicated work. For staff and volunteers alike, you showed us what it meant to be a COVID hero!