Meet Darlene and her partner Hélène. Darlene is always enthusiastic to help Hélène with anything she needs.

Darlene was whelped by Lori Gunson and family, where she learned that while the world may always be changing, she is always safe and cared for. Darlene’s whole litter was generously sponsored and named by the mister Blake Foundation. A litter naming sponsorship ensures that our breeding program has all the tools they need to ensure a healthy delivery and to support the litter in their first 8 weeks of life! After these initial weeks, Darlene went out into the world to meet her Co-Raisers Maggie and Kris. During Puppy-Raising, she was known for her enthusiasm, her big personality and her sweetness.

When it came time for her to enter Advanced Training, she took the ferry over to Vancouver Island to meet her Trainer and her Advanced Sitters Nancy, Lorri-Anne, Rick & Corry and Linda & Ron. Here #TeamVanIsle worked to channel Darlene’s enthusiasm into task specific skills to help Hélène!

Darlene successfully passed pre-placement testing in 2021 and was matched with shortly after. We are so proud of this pup and thankful for everyone on #TeamDarlene for their dedication to PADS and to Darlene’s training. We can’t wait to hear more about this amazing duo and their adventures out in the world.

Darlene's Pupdates

To read more about Darlene’s journey throughout puppy-raising, check out her Pupdates below.

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