When asked what PADS means to him Dave writes:

“Jasper and I have been a Certified Assistance PADS Dog Team for over 5 fantastic years now. Our bond and partnership has gone so far beyond any hopes and expectations I had,  back when first beginning our wonderful connection with PADS.
Some of the incredible tasks Jasper helps me with everyday are, picking up and returning dropped items, opening and closing doors, switching lights on and off, and one of my favourites, extracting and bringing me cool beverages from the fridge, especially when focussing on our favourite team, the Canucks! Heck, he even goes back and closes the fridge door! Also, we love to get out and about in public and thanks to our public access certification, Jasper can go everywhere I go. For once in my life, I am actually enjoying shopping…! Jasper seems to attract a lot of attention and interest, of which sometimes even rubs off on me! One of our favourite public tasks is Jasper pressing the auto door buttons for me! All in all Jasper’s help allows me to conserve some strength and energy, thus reducing exhaustion levels for me, everyday.

When asked why he is moving for PADS Dave writes: 

When able, we always try to educate interested people on service dog public access etiquette. We love spreading the word PADS and educating people on what PADS is and how much PADS has helped me. We have also enjoyed participating in many PADS public events over the years, but now due to the ongoing pandemic, we are all having to make significant adjustments to support and maintain important organizations like PADS. I would also like to make mention that PADS would not be PADS if not for the massive team of wonderful volunteers – these are the most helpful and loving bunch of humans one could ever meet! And one thing all have in common, a love for dogs! PADS is a village! Now, due to the incredibly challenging times, we are all in, Jasper and I are rock’n and rolling everyday to help with the Moving PADS campaign, which will help PADS to continue to provide and support assistance dogs to the many people who need these miracle dogs.
So friends from today through to September 19, I ask that you consider helping out my beloved PADS by making a donation through my pledge page.

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