MEET OUR MOVERS: Deb and Vespa

Why they are Moving for PADS

I found accepting my CPTSD diagnosis difficult and continued to take on every task I could to overload myself in lieu of dealing with matters. It wasn’t until I was forced into medical retirement that I found myself on the opposite end.

Having PADS Vespa II in my life has allowed me to get out and join her in smelling the flowers and seeing what our world has to offer. She has an innate way of recognizing the busy world around us, as I sink into my thoughts, seeking solace from the noise and movement that surrounds me.

We’ve started MOVE to help me not only get out from being comfortable within my own home but to help get stronger from long chronic work related injuries that continue to remind me they exist. MOVE allows me to assist in giving back to the PADS community by fundraising, along with the incentive to go out and find those wildflowers Vespa so loves to stop and smell, slowing the mind down enough to take in what beauty we sometimes don’t at first notice.


Ways to help

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Deb and Vespa

GOAL: $500

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