Meet Dodger, a PADS 2021 Graduate. Dodger spends his days helping his new partner with whatever they need.

Dodger was whelped in the Lower Mainland by Marie and Jocelyn and puppy started by Nicole. When he got a little older he headed up to the Okangan to continue his puppy raising journey with Sarah & Cynthia and Elizabeth where he earned a reputation for being loving, kind, caring and supportive. His Puppy-Raisers especially appreciated his ability to relax, when appropriate, paired with his willingness to work for a reasonable wage of snacks and scratches. When he completed his puppy-raising journey, he came back to the Lower Mainland to complete advanced training with his Advanced Trainer and Advanced Sitter Antje – he also spent some time with the wonderful Advanced Sitters Don and Sophie on Vancouver Island. Dodger is quite the well travelled guy!

We are so excited to see him take on his career and are very thankful for #TeamDodger for their incredible work.

Dodger's Pupdates

To read more about Dodger’s journey throughout puppy raising, check out his Pupdates below.

Building more SUPERHEROES like Dodger

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