sienna_thumb“I can’t thank PADS enough for allowing Sienna to join our family. As a single parent of three children, two of whom have special needs, having a VIP dog has been more than a blessing.  Sienna joined our family last December, after being on the wait list for just over eight months.  We were very surprised, as we prepared ourselves for a two year wait, or more!

Sienna has helped each one of us in her own way.  She has shown me such love and is a great addition to “cuddle time” each night before bed.  My children and I all settle under the covers for story time and Sienna joins us, just like clockwork.  The children have a companion, love, and have developed a sense of responsibility.

Sienna has been especially helpful for my daughter, Maria.  Before Sienna joined our family, Maria experienced significant anxiety and rarely slept through the night.  Now she says that “Sienna helps me sleep and makes me feel safe.”  Maria has also said that Sienna “loves me and plays with me,” which couldn’t be more true! Sienna’s love for Maria is evident by her instinct to attend to Maria when she is having emotional difficulty.

Sienna03Sienna has known from the day they met that her wet nose on Maria’s cheek during a meltdown is the magic touch.  Sienna has never shied away from Desiree either.  In fact, when the girls are seemingly out of control, Sienna approaches them and provides an immediate sense of calm.

Thank you PADS, I can’t say enough about the benefits of the VIP program.  And Sienna is a very important pet, indeed.”


– Christina, Maria (6), Desiree(6) and Oliver (3) Entrekin and Sienna

PS:  Maria says “Sienna is a great dog.  She helps me because I have nightmares because she sleeps with me and she protects me and I love her a lot.  L O V E.  I think we can keep her.”