Having to evacuate unexpectedly isn’t something that anyone expects to happen to them, however, with the increasing fires in BC we wanted to put together a list of items to help our community members prepare for a possible evacuation, but thought it might help others as well! 

Having a Dog Evacuation kit ready in case it is ever needed can give you peace of mind. Our first concern is always the safety of our community and our dogs, we hope that the tips below will help you to feel more prepared, should the need to evacuate arise.

Basic Supplies

These are not only to ensure your pup is able to be fed familiar food (avoiding stomach upset) but also helping to keep them calm and contained in a potentially chaotic environment. 


  • Bottled Water
  • 1-2 weeks worth of food
  • 1-2 weeks of medication (if applicable)
  • Bowls
  • Blanket
  • Basic pet first aid kit (click for more info)
  • Leash, Collar and harness (if applicable)
  • A long line for exercising your pup if you’re in an area where they can’t be off leash
  • A favourite toy or chew bone 
  • A kennel (hard sided or collapsible)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • PADS Cape and Government ID (only applicable to PADS Dogs)

Medical Information

  • Vaccination records and medical history*
  • Veterinarian’s contact information
  • List of medications
  • Emergency contacts
  • Photos of your pet in case of separation

*For pet dogs (PADS dogs records are kept on file at PADS and you can reach out to the emergency phone if there is a medical emergency)


 thE Evacuation Plan

  • Ensure your pet (or PADS Pup in your care) has a collar on with a clearly legible ID tag – these can get worn down over time and become hard to read (or we forget to update the number!).  If you become separated you’ll want people to be able to read it. If you find it’s too hard to read you can write their name and your contact info on a piece of duct tape with a permanent marker and securely attach to their collar. 
  • If possible, identify in advance any pet friendly evacuation centres in your area so that you and your pets can stay together. If this isn’t an option, other options might include:
    • Pet friendly Hotels  (Please note PADS Puppies in training and accredited service dogs can stay at any hotel with their handler – just be sure you pack your vest & Gov’t. ID card)
    • Boarding Facilities*
    • A relative or friends house*
    • Your veterinarian’s office*
      *these are options for pet dogs, for PADS pups/dogs we would prefer you contact your regional coordinator/cohort trainer or the emergency line
  • Ensure your evacuation plan accounts for a situation where you are unable to return home prior to evacuation. Set up a Buddy System with a trusted neighbour, relative or friend who is willing to check in on your pet should you be unable to go home and get them. Make sure to alert your “buddy” to the location of your pet emergency kit should disaster hit while you’re away from home.
    • Add this caregiver to your emergency contact list as someone who’s authorized to approve emergency medical care in your absence.

Evacuating with a PADS Dog 

If you have a PADS dog in your care, particularly a puppy-in-training you are fostering remember we always want to know where our pups are.  Your next step depends on how much time you have – if you are asked to evacuate with a PADS dog is in your care – just go! Our first priority is the safety of our people and pups.

If you have time to do so, contact your regional coordinator/cohort instructor (or PADS emergency cell) and let them know you need someone in a safe area to take your pup. 

Follow all instructions by emergency personnel and once you are safe at an evacuation centre (or similar), please let us know where you/your dog are. You can do this by calling or emailing your regional/cohort coordinator to update us on your location. If you’re unable to reach your coordinator, please call the the PADS emergency line.

Remember if you need support of any kind from PADS – a sitter, someone to get a PADS dog, etc – you can call the emergency line at any time!