Meet Fern and Bellatrix


Fern and Bella have been a service dog team for 8 years. Fern often tells people about the amazing impact of Bella on her quality of life. Read on to learn more about their remakable partnership and Join us tuesday Dec. 14th at 1:00 PM PST as we catch up with theis fantastic Team.

“My service dog has given me back some quality of life.

Before Bella, I spent a lot more time laying down. Having used up all of my spoons early on during the day (the spoon theory tells about each day not knowing how much energy you have any given day.) Now we have been working together for nearly 8 years and eschewing the tasks she can do, has saved me enough energy to start doing activities I want to do instead of ‘have to do”

Asking her to do something for me does not feel like the burden it is when asking a person. Bella loves to work! Her exuberance at being asked often makes me laugh. She even has developed a withering look which she uses when I do a job she could easily do. ”