MEET OUR MOVER: Judy & Norquay

How they are Moving for PADS

Judy will MOVE (using a spin bike, an elliptical or heading out for a walk) 1 KM for every $5.00 they raiser throughout the month of June! 

Why they are Moving for PADS

“I have seen first hand the difference having AFD Norquay makes in the office. Whether it’s employees coming by for some snuggles, a game of tug or during a difficult time, having him available has been incredible. I truly believe that PADS is helping changing lives with the dogs and I’d like to help raise funds to ensure that PADS is able to continue to help others.”

-Judy and Norquay

Ways to help

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Judy and Norquay

GOAL: $1000

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Get Your Move On

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