Meet Gatsby, a lovely, caring dog who loves to meet new people and greet them with one of his favourite toys.

Gatsby’s journey brings our expression “It takes a village” to life. Gatsby came to PADS from Southeastern Guide Dogs and landed in our Okanagan Puppy-Raising Region to be raised by an amazing village of raisers including Paul, Nicole as well as Shawna & Randall. His puppy sponsors, Total Pet are located in Vernon.

Once he was ready for Advanced Training, he traveled to Vancouver Island where he met his Advanced Trainer and his Advanced Sitters Nancy, Linda & Ron, Corry & Richard and Lorri-Anne.

This big boy is known for his gentle nature and his love for working. Thank you to everyone who was part of #TeamGatsby.

Gatsby's Pupdates

To read more about Gatsby’s journey throughout puppy-raising, check out his Pupdates below.

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