Georgina-and-Duncan-Feature “It has been almost 6 years since I was teamed with Duncan, an enthusiastic black lab with a passion for retrieving objects of all shapes and sizes.  Trained with funding from supporters, like you, it is with this extraordinary dog that I lead an “ordinary” life!

I am an engineer and occupational health and safety professional.  I work with organizations to create safe work environments.  As a part-time studies instructor with the British Columbia Institute of Technology, I also share my passion for safety to inspire the next generation of safety professionals.

I have taught workshops throughout British Columbia and traveled across Canada for work.  I was a proud Vancouver 2010 Ceremony Support volunteer.  I enjoy seasonal recreational activities, music and theatre.  You might even see me handcycling the Sea Wall!   With all of that, you may not have realized that I live a richly fulfilling life in my wheelchair.  Look closely, and you will see Duncan working beside me in all that I do.

Georgina-and-Duncan-Shopping Duncan is a great friend, loyal companion, and an integral part of my life.  He happily scoops up everything I drop during my day and puts them safely back in my hands.  From keys to crutches, and credit cards to pens, with Duncan around nothing is ever “just out of reach”.  I live safely on my own, knowing that Duncan will bring the phone to me if I need to call someone for help.

He opens doors, and closes the trunk on my car. He “takes out the trash” when we clean house, brings in the groceries when delivered, and retrieves socks from the back of the drier!  He is a confident traveler, and makes it easy to adapt to airports and hotels.  He loves to run at my side when I handcycle, and pulls me along with ease if we meet a gentle incline along the way.  To him, every task is a game that brings smiles and cheers.

PADS’ highly trained dogs make an amazing difference in peoples’ lives!  At PADS, the skilled staff and dedicated volunteers accomplish all that they do with donations and sponsorship. Vet bills, equipment, puppy classes, salaries, the facility, food, and team training are all possible with the kind support of a sponsorship team.

Your contribution will help make it possible for one of several clients on the PADS waiting list to receive this precious gift of independence.”


– Georgina Hackett and Duncan