On Giving Tuesday 2016, PADS decided to give the naming of one of our litters to our community of donors.  The names and votes have now been tallied and the results are in.  Did you know PADS names all their litters on themes? This is so we can easily keep track of which puppies are littermates (for example our Shades of Yellow litter had Saffron, Dijon, Honey, etc).

The Names

A huge number of our community came together to name these special puppies!


$25/Month or $250

With a $25/month (or $250 one time) donation, you receive a VIP invitation to their puppy shower.

$125/Month or $1500

With a $125/month (or $1500 one time) donation, you become a PADS puppy-sponsor, which includes the puppy-shower invite, but you also will receive monthly updates on your sponsored puppy and a VIP invitation to their graduation.