My connection to PADS goes back about 14 years ago when my dog-loving daughter, Tara, heard about PADS and became a volunteer puppy-raiser.

She comes from a family of dog-lovers and grew up with one pet dog after another. Since PADS came into her life, I can’t keep track of all the puppies she raised and whelped but having lived downstairs from Tara and family for five years, I got to meet not only a lot of the dogs but other PADS volunteers, clients and staff.

There were always PADS dogs coming and going from the “House of Dog”. I began attending a number of PADS events, such as Open Houses and annual grad ceremonies and seeing the impact, I started supporting their work by attending events such as the gala. 


When PADS Cadence came into Tara’s home, and subsequently qualified as a breeding dog, I was there as often as I could for the deliveries and care of all three of her litters, assisting Tara with weighing, snuggling and of course laundry! 

My desire to sponsor one of these special puppies is what inspired me four years ago to become a PADS Partner. My monthly donation allowed me to sponsor one dog from each of her litters: Haley from the Parks litter, Swell from the Oceans litter, and Story from the Story litter. I’m very proud of all “my” dogs but was thrilled just recently to hear that PADS Swell has now been placed with a client as an Accredited Facility Dog.




Sponsorship through the Partners program is so easy; the donation comes automatically off my bank account every month, with a yearly tax receipt mailed to me.

It’s worth it, PADS offers a life-changing experience to clients who become teamed with an accredited service, PTSD, facility, hearing or VIP dog. 

Becoming a PADS Partner truly came full circle for me last week, when my daughter Tara—who brought me to PADS in the first place—became the recipient of PADS Service Dog Cadence. Seeing the amazing skills Cadence has learned brings so much joy and freedom for Tara. They are “Team Cadence” – how exciting is that!?

PADS gives freedom, mobility and companionship – they change lives. These dogs truly make a difference!

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