This month has been full of all sorts of new adventures and old skills!

I started this month by spending the weekend with a fun sitter who was up for adventures just as much as I am! She took me to a thing called gym, where she jumped around and I settled on my blanket with a bone. So many people were impressed with me, but I was impressed with them! Watching them made me so exhausted I fell asleep.

My raiser picked me up on Sunday and off to a farmers market we went! Then she told me I better get my favorite bone and stuffy packed cause we were going on a thing called VACATION! Wow! it was incredible! My first big vacation! I got to relax in the shade by the hot tub, then go exploring to see donkeys and markets and chickens and beaches! People and I had a great time practicing all my skills in new environments!

When we returned I felt fresh and excited, only to find out my raiser had another little thing up her sleeve! We were heading to weekend getaway with my new friend PADS Compass in the mountains!

I have been resting and relaxing to my heart’s content while I get ready for big things ahead! I am growing up so fast, and its always important to maintain my focus on my purpose! I’m growin’ up to change a life! Stay tuned for more fun adventures to come!

Submitted by: A&S