How they are Moving for PADS

Heather is part of our staff here at PADS and is ready to MOVE in the same spirit as Team “Gone with the Winn-Dixie”! When asked how she will be moving for PADS, Heather said:

“I’m MOVE-ing for PADS by hiking, biking, running, walking, swimming, squatting, paddling, and/or carrying an oversized puppy up a mountain! In the same spirit as team “Gone with the Winn-Dixie”, I’ll be doing a variety of activities as I MOVE for PADS this year to represent the variety of career paths our dogs can choose to follow, the variety of volunteer opportunities our community can be involved in at PADS, and the variety of personalities and temperaments of PADS’ dogs that I have raised and sat during my time volunteering and working for this amazing organization.”

Why they are Moving for PADS

Heather gets to see a lot of the behind the scenes at PADS, having been a long-time volunteer in the past and now a staff member. When discussing her passion for PADS, she said:

“I’m MOVE-ing for PADS because I wholeheartedly believe in the work this organization does, and I want to help support them to continue raising, training, and placing purpose-bred dogs with clients and families. During my time volunteering with PADS over the last 4+ years, I’ve gotten to see the difference these dogs make, both when out of vest and when in vest – whether that be a blue or a yellow vest. The first dog I raised has been placed as an AFD with a client in a school. He’s a very stoic boy who takes his job very seriously when in vest. One of the students in his school was nervous of dogs at first, but this student’s goal for the semester was to be able to pet him, and due to his calm demeanor, the student was able to accomplish their goal and gain confidence through that interaction. Once out of vest, he lets his goofy side out, bringing smiles and stress-relief to his students and family. I hope that this MOVE event helps to place more dogs like him to help clients, families, and communities.”

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