MEET OUR MOVERS: How Merlot Can you GO? 

How they are Moving for PADS

From August 13- September 19th Tia & Merlot along with other members of their team will be MOVING for PADS in a variety of  different ways. Each dollar amount donated indicates a different exercise that will be completed by one of the team members. Click the “Check out the team” button below to find out how each  team member is MOVING for PADS. 


Why they are Moving for PADS

In her own words Team Captain Tia writes;

“PADS is important to me bc everyday I see the value of the work these dogs do and the difference they make in people’s lives. Accredited Facility Dog Merlot and I work for the Regina Police Service, supporting primarily children and vulnerable adults as well as members of our service. Seeing the positive affect Merlot has on people truly is amazing. Merlot not only helps build relationships between our community and police, but also brings comfort and joy to everyone around her. She didn’t earn the nickname, Magical Merlot for nothing. Some days it’s a struggle to keep up to the demand for the use of Merlot. I wish we could have more “Merlots”, and hope some day AFDs are a part of every police service.” 

Ways to help

  • Want to help team “How Merlot Can You Go” make their goal of $5,000 before September 19th? Click the Donation box below.
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Tia & Merlot

Get them MOVING

Meet the Team 

Puttering Peg and Hobbling Hooman

I need to borrow a dog

Struttin’ Sequill

TEAM GOAL: $5,000

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Get Your Move On

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