MEET OUR MOVER: Terri and Friends

How they are Moving for PADS

You’ll have to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see how this fantastic team is moving!

It could be hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, horseback riding, mucking, mowing, gardening, power washing, the list is limitless.

Why they are Moving for PADS

I started volunteering for PADS in 2006 as a puppy sitter until 2011 when I transitioned to puppy raising my first dog Hawk. I am currently raising my 11th puppy – Electra.

In 2012 I was raising our second dog, Halo, she was accepted into the breeding program in 2014, so I became her breeder caretaker, while continuing raising pups. After Halo’s 5th litter she retired and of course my husband Rory and I adopted her, she has been our heart dog.

I have had the privilege of meeting many of our clients and heard their stories about the impact these amazing dogs have in their lives. Whether our dogs graduate as service, AFD, hearing, VIP or a beloved pet they bring a special magic to their people.

This year Folie, Electra and I are MOVING for PADS in honour of “HurryUpHalo”, who participated over the past years in her own way – broom chasing, paddle boarding and her version of dancing. Sadly Halo lost her battle with cancer last December.

Ways to help

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Teri, Folie and Electra

GOAL: 2000

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