Jean-Orbital-21-1024x976“On an ordinary morning in 1998, in the Vancouver Sun, there appeared a heart-catching article about a golden retriever named Brandy.  This bundle of charm was at work in the office of his puppy raiser, learning the rules of office etiquette, on his way to becoming a service dog.  My husband and I were hooked.  The only contribution we could make was in the form of financial donation and we began to do this regularly.

My first sponsorship of a puppy took place in 2002, in memory of my husband, Tom Donaldson.  Nine years later I have sponsored the first years of 12 puppies.  The first, Gypsy, was a sweet and gentle golden retriever who is still happily working as a hearing dog.

Why do I do this and why am I so very committed to PADS?

I am physically disabled and can easily appreciate the valuable assistance PADS’ dogs give.  I know what liberating experiences a helpful companion can offer, including the ability to live independently.

I admire the hard work, good cheer and creativity of PADS’ staff, particularly given the shoe-string budget with which they operate.  This is a small but hugely important and effective endeavour.

PADS’ volunteer hours make up over 95% of it’s manpower.  The hours contributed by the dogs are beyond calculation.

PADS has no highly-paid executives.  Its fund-raising profile is modest and the budget small.  Donations are dedicated to the purpose of its existence: changing lives one dog at a time.

Please join me in helping to raise more Assistance Dogs by donating to PADS.”

– Jean Donaldson