How they are Moving for PADS

Jody, Linda and Lili dog will be soon heading out on a cycling adventure inspired by Lauren Calancie’s ride to Calgary last summer! Initially, Jody had trained for and planned to cycle from Burnaby to Calgary but due to the fires and smoke re-routed her trip.

When asked how they are moving for PADS, Jody writes:

“I am “moving for PADS” by cycling 1000 km on Vancouver Island starting August 7. My support driver, Linda, and Lili, our dog, and I have been amazed at how people have contributed in a variety of ways toward the cause of raising funds for PADS.”

These three however are not at it alone! Two friends, Sasha and Paul loaned the RV, Rob, at Syntax Signs donated window signs for the van to advertise my fundraising link and page while we travel still others have supported, and continue to support, by donating funds and/or giving words of encouragement, providing lunches, and driving and cycling with me while I was training in June and July.

Why they are Moving for PADS

When asked why they wanted to embark on this adventure, Jody says:

“With Linda and Lili, I want to cycle in an effort to encourage others to donate to Pacific Assistance Dogs’ Society (PADS) thereby helping to raise accredited support dogs. It costs about $35,000 to raise one service dog for someone with a disability. This summer I’m MOVING for PADS to help make sure more people who need life-changing assistance dogs get them. Help me reach my goal!”

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Linda & Lili

GOAL: $5,000

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