Val Bouey

Our 2020 recipient is none other than Val Bouey – this amazing lady wears many hats for PADS and is ALL IN in everything she does.  Val has been a puppy-raiser and breeder-caretaker for PADS Clove and Bailey II. She has also been the advanced sitter for 6 dogs and has sponsored 6 dogs. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Val is someone who sees a need and helps – no matter what it is. She spent all week with PADS staff and clients, and then today she was pressure washing the PADS campus!  

Earlier this year, when Jackie separated her shoulder and was unable to perform Breedings, with 8 dogs due in season, Val jumped in and learned how to breed dogs with her usual willingness to help and love of learning something new. She is more than partially to blame for the current “puppy tsunami”. 

When we launched the PTSD program two years ago Val became an invaluable member of our client care and applicant services teams as our peer support representative. She builds relationships from the time the applicants apply through to placement and beyond. She brings heart and calm and joy wherever she goes. She helps with team trainings and does everything with kindness and respect.  

She is the handler for PADS Ambassador dog Vader. She is cheerful, generous, kind, and friendly in her interactions. She is full of energy and is up for advanced training adventures rain or shine! 

Congratulations Val!