MEET OUR MOVERS: Juliet and Stark

How they are Moving for PADS

Juliet and Stark are ready to MOVE for PADS throughout the month of August! They have teamed up with Team ” Trails with Tails” and are excited to give back to PADS and to Get MOVING!

When asked how they are moving, Juliet writes:

“We will run 3X a week and do a physical activity daily from August 1 thru August 31. On Saturday August 21 at 8:00 am at Forest Glen Park in Burnaby, Stark and I are hosting a one hour HIIT Bootcamp class. Donations collected will go to PADS Move 2021.”

Why they are Moving for PADS

PADS is meaningful to Juliet as she is a PADS Client herself!

“So grateful to be PADS first PTSD client/dog team!  I know firsthand how a PADS dog can change a life and give it meaning, purpose and hope.  This is a small way I can pay back what the organization has given to me.”



Ways to help

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Everyone Welcome

Join Juliet and a certified fitness instructor for a 1 hr. Hitt Boot Camp. The boot camp wil lrun rain or shine in Forest Glen Park in Burnaby at 8:00 am on August 21! 


Juliet & Stark

TEAM GOAL: $1,500

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