Meet Kaden and his new best friend Cana. This amazing pair were matched as part of the PADS VIP program in 2021. Kaden calls Cana his “new best friend forever” and is overjoyed about the new addition to their family. 

When  asked to share about how Cana has affected his life Kaden wrote:

“My Name is Kaden. I am 13 years old. I am on the autism spectrum. I had the honour of adopting a VIP dog from PADS. Her name is Cana, a two years old Lab. She is  a loyal, lovable, happy, and friendly dog. She has a cheerful, and eager-to-please personality. Cana is very well trained by PADS.  She is a trusted dog that I can rely on. She follows me everywhere I go. She loves belly rubs and cuddles with me on the floor.

I don’t have any friends. She provides companionship, friendship, reduces your  loneliness and alleviates my anxiety. It  is easier for me to interact with Cana because she is nonverbal and non-judgemental. She provided unconditional love and attention when I needed it.

She is my best friend and I will love her forever. She has made a humongous impact in my life. I have responsibility. She require food, water, love and exercise. Physical activity is not easy for me. Walking and throwing a ball is great exercise. She also require grooming (brushing develops large muscles of the arm) and bathroom time (walking the dog develops large muscles of my legs and is good for the development of my heart, brain and lungs).

I learned  to trust. She offers unconditional support when I am sad, angry or upset. She taught me to trust other people, and trust in myself and build trust in other relationships as well. She helps with my self-esteem. She provides unconditional love, it boosts my self-esteem. She also helps me develop Social Skills. It’s hard for me because I’m on the autism spectrum. She is great in helping “break the ice.” On outings, Cana encourage conversations with others and that helps me to improve my social skills.

I feel deeply privileged to have shared my life with Cana. She made me a better, happier and healthier person. She created a habit in me which I suspect will endure for the rest of my life.”

We are very grateful to the incredible village that made this placement possible.  Including her Whelping Home Shannon & Kevin, and Barb. Her puppy Raiser Sarah Gallagher and her sponsor Donna McIntyre.



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