How they are Moving for PADS

For every dollar donated to her campaign, Kerry will do 1 push up. Kerry says “I chose push-ups because they are hard for me and I thought a challenge would keep me motivated.  It also makes me aware of how our clients are challenged on a daily basis, which is where the PADS puppies enter to alleviate some of those obstacles.”

Why they are Moving for PADS

Kerry decided to MOVE for PADS because as a dedicated volunteer, she supports all PADS fundraising activities. In her own words, she says;
“Since COVID began, I have not been able to go to the local rec centre to work out, so have been working out at home – not much fun – but paddleboarding IS fun, so I have combined the push-ups on the paddleboard and the push-ups in my fitness routine as my moving  for PADS’ activity…”
“I have also become aware of how our puppies have been such a blessing during these COVID times.  At the beginning of the lock-down, I was PADS puppy-less and feeling rather depressed.  After the first couple of weeks, I was fortunate enough to be able to bring a pup into our home again and it made such a difference in our lives.  Not only do they assist our clients physically and emotionally, but having them in our lives also makes our world a better place to live in.”

Ways to help

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