How they are Moving for PADS

Kevin has pledged to climb 112,000 steps at the Wreck Beach Trail #7 at UBC. Each time Kevin visits he does 8 circuits of the stars (350 steps each way). His goal is to do these trips 20 times before September 19th to raise money for PADS. He says “If I do that 8 times, that’s 5,600 steps per visit.  And if I make 20 visits, that’s 112,000 steps! Kevin says ” I can do 6 circuits relatively easily.  I am breathing pretty heavily after the first circuit, have a good sweat on after the third, but I usually manage to do all 6 circuits at a pretty reasonably fast, steady pace.  But I’m here to tell you that the 7th circuit is a challenge.  And #8 is tough.  Like “I hope there is someone at the top with a defibrillator” tough!!” 

Update from PADS Spark: 

Kevin, my “hooman”, asked me to do this week’s update ‘cause he’s “too busy”, he says.  I’m not sure what’s he’s so busy with – all I see is him doing lately is sitting around moaning, with a  bag of frozen peas on his knee.  What’s busy about that??? But he’s also super excited and asked me to report on the numbers.  So apparently it’s been 15 days now, which means 120 circuits or 84,000 steps.  I don’t have enough toes to count that high, but he says he’s on the home stretch now, and he’s pumped. 

Why they are Moving for PADS

When asked why he is participating Kevin says: “Why?  That’s something I usually ask myself each day – usually sometime during the 8th circuit. 😉 But it’s easy, actually. Because it’s a chance to give back. PADS does all sorts of amazing things for people who need assistance or service dogs. But they also do amazing things for their puppy-raisers. I mean, think about it. I get to spend a couple of years with this amazing guy who has shown me nothing but unconditional love, who has taught me patience and understanding, and who has kept me sane during these crazy times. So this is my chance to give back.” 

Ways to help

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TEAM GOAL: $1000

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