Leahy was truly an exceptional PADS Service Dog to her partner Anya, Leahy became known as “the most cultured dog in Chilliwack”  as a result of Anya’s commitment to her art and community. Together, they were at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre several times a week and became a vital part of this community.

They visited the many theatres Chilliwack has to offer and even spend time on the main stages while Anja played the timpani and Leahy assisted by picking up dropped mallets as needed. 

The pair also enjoyed travel and adventures together, side by side. Leahy’s service stretched so far beyond helping her client as she had an impact on all those who met her. Her client Anya describes her as “My helper, my child, my co-worker, my best friend…”

Key Facts

Breed: Black Labrador Retriever
Birthdate: March 4, 2006
Sex: Female
Role: Service Dog
Partner: Anya McRae