Why they are Moving for PADS

Lindi is MOVING for PADS because:

“The reality is that it doesn’t just take awesome people to breed, raise and train service dogs, it takes a whole whack of money too.  I believe that a little can go a very long way when people come together for a common good cause.  Every $ is a step towards the success of PADS – and the continuous endeavour to change lives one dog at a time. I also happen to love “MOVEing” – and my happy place is in the trails with a dog by my side.  Lucky for me, under the name of “Fly By Flint” I was able to join the PADS Team Tails On Trails.”


How they are Moving for PADS

Lindi has pledged to take 525,000 steps by Sept 19th.  She says ” MOVING for PADS is a brilliant, energetic and collaborative new event and I can’t wait to participate in future years.”

Ways to help

  • Want to help Lindi make her new goal of $2,500? Click the Donation box below.
  • Want to spread the word about this awesome adventure? Share this story along with other “Movers” stories on social media to help raise awareness about PADS.


Lindi & Flint

TEAM GOAL: $2,500

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