Meet Mallee and her client Cindy. Together they take on the world side by side.

Mallee was whelped in the Lower Mainland by the Madeo family and then moved Calgary to start her journey with her Puppy-Raiser Ross. Together with the Calgary Puppy-Raising team, Ross worked to capitalize on Mallee’s natural talents while socializing her to the world she may encounter at her client’s side. Mallee stayed in Calgary to complete Advanced Training, spending her downtime with Advanced Sitter Chantel.

Here she worked hard to learn service specific tasks, refine the skills she learned in Puppy-Raising and ensure she was ready to help her future client with anything! Mallee completed Advanced Training in 2021 and was matched with Cindy to start team training!

We are very excited to see this partnership deepen as time goes on and are very grateful to everyone on #TeamMallee for all of their hard work and dedication.

Mallee's Pupdates

To read more about Mallee’s journey throughout Puppy-Raising, check out her Pupdates below.

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