Meet Meeka and her client Miles. This dynamic duo are now able to confidently navigate family outings and especially enjoy walking Miles’ children to school.

Meeka was born at Can Do Canines and came to PADS through our Partnership with ADI Breeding Cooperative (ABC). Meeka was raised by a village of committed puppy-raisers in both the Okanagan Region and in Calgary. Meeka started her journey in the Okanagan with her Puppy Raisers Cherie & Mike and then moved to Calgary to be raised by Alexander and Lauren. When she was ready to begin Advanced Training, she stayed in Calgary to work with her Advanced Trainer and her Advanced Sitter Wendy. Throughout Advanced Training, Meeka was known as a retrieving machine, always ready to collect every item anywhere near her partner. She is described as the best cuddler in the world, yet always ready at a moment’s notice for the next adventure – swimming, running, rock jumping or exploring forest trails.

Thank you to everyone who is part of #TeamMeeka she is truly changing lives. To learn more about her journey to Miles’ side, click the link below!

Meeka's Pupdates

To read more about Meeka’s journey throughout puppy-raising, check out her Pupdates below.

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