Join us as we chat with Alina, PADS Puppy-Raiser and the president of Campus Canines!


Alina is a 4th-year student at UBC studying Biology and Puppy-Raiser to 10-month-old PADS Fleetwood.

“I’ve had a passion for dogs for as long as I can remember, as well as a passion for volunteerism, having volunteered with many different organizations throughout highschool. My idea for starting Campus Canines UBC actually began way back in my first year at UBC (pre covid era), when I came across a similar club at an American college that is associated with another ADI organization. Volunteering with an ADI organization, like PADS, seemed like the perfect way to combine my love for volunteerism, philanthropy, and dogs. By starting Campus Canines UBC, I could make the opportunity to volunteer with PADS more accessible for other dedicated and driven college students as well.”

About Campus Canines UBC:

Campus Canines UBC is a group of collegiate scholars dedicated to fundraising, educating, and raising life-changing assistance dogs with PADS, while also actively advocating for accessibility on campus. This club was founded in May of 2021, having officially launched on UBC campus in September 2021. In just our first year at UBC we have already welcomed over 70 new members to our club, and 5 PADS puppies-in-training to UBC campus with our student Puppy-Raisers! As Campus Canines UBC continues to grow we hope to further support the important mission of PADS through our dedicated volunteers, Puppy-Raisers and Puppy-Sitters, educational events, and fundraising events.


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