Meet Emily

Emily is known to many in the PADS community as Breeder Caretaker to retired PADS Chai, “Pupdate” Volunteer Extraordinaire, and as an amazingly supportive and kind young woman who is constantly looking for ways to support her fellow volunteers.

Recently, Emily has taken on a new journey with PADS as a client matched with PADS Service Dog Aries! Keep reading to find out more about how our accreditation with Assistance Dogs International (ADI) has affected all aspects of her journey with PADS.

“Why ADI?” AS A PADS Client…

I chose to apply for a dog from an ADI accredited program because I wanted the security that came from it. Like many, I had previously had a negative experince with a non-accredited program that promised me a service dog, but never followed through. It was heart breaking to realize that the dog I had hoped would make my life easier, never existed. That’s why I will always chose an ADI accredited school, like PADS. I know I’ll be treated with respect and that the dog I get will have been well cared for and held to a high level of training. I also like knowing that if something goes wrong or I have any questions, PADS is there to help.

“Why ADI?” AS A PADS Volunteer…

Being a breeder caretaker came with certain challenges, but none of them were in relation to the care of Chai. I never had to worry that PADS wasn’t going to be able to provide veterinary care or that if something went wrong, I wouldn’t be able to access help from experienced volunteers or staff.  When one of Chai’s puppies unexpectedly experienced a medical emergency at 11 pm on a weekend, PADS was a quick phone call away and within minutes I had been connected to Veterinary staff who carefully listened and provided support

Knowing how much care and testing went into Chai to choose her as a breeding dog, as well as the science behind the socialization for the puppies, made me confident in educating others that the breeding practices use by PADS were sound. PADS doesn’t take any short cuts when it comes to health testing and they really care if the breeding dog is happy and healthy in the career choice.

Knowing PADS is held to ADI’s excellent industry standards of behaviourally testing, health testing, and care for breeding dogs was a deciding factor for me to become a volunteer.

“Why ADI?” as a PADS Donor…

Last year Emily was one of our featured movers as she MOVEd with Chai to bring awareness and raise funds for PADS. When asked about why PADS is an organization she chooses to fundraise for, Emily commented:  

“When I took place in the PADS Move fundraiser in 2020, I felt comfortable asking for donations because I was confident the money was going straight where it would benefit the dogs.”