Life-changing supporters share their love of PADS and change lives in exponential ways.

Long-time volunteers Susan Taylor and Jonathan Young have spent decades as PADS ambassadors and advocates. They have raised puppies, helped with campus maintenance, hosted volunteer info sessions, volunteered at events…they have done it all.

Within their circle of influence was the team at Harper Grey LLP, where Susan worked before her retirement.

“I took the puppies I raised into the law firm where I worked downtown and persuaded everyone there to support PADS with in-house fund raisers and raffles. The firm raised enough that they sponsored three PADS puppies”.

Susan’s enthusiasm was contagious – Harper Grey hosted annual Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day fundraisers at the firm with proceeds being donated to PADS.


Susan and Jonathan have often hosted small, casual gatherings in their home – with puppies of course – providing a welcoming space for those in their circle to experience the life-changing magic of PADS. As a result of their generosity and sharing their love of our mission — their impact has expanded exponentially.

Thank you for your generosity of time and spirit Susan and Jonathan – you are such a special part of our village.