In Loving Memory of Neil Mclean

The PADS village lost an incredible member this past spring when Neil McLean lost his battle with cancer.

The McLeans have done so many things for PADS over the years, and it comes as no surprise that this amazing family would honour their beloved husband and father Neil, by sponsoring a litter of puppies in his memory.

Having raised PADS Autumn, it was only fitting that they sponsor her recent litter, the BC Birds (photos below).

This week the puppies head off on the next stage of their training, and we know that they will change lives in so many beautiful and loving ways, just like Neil!

Neil and PADS Doppler

The McLean Family with PADS Truffle. Left to right: Lindsay, Carla, Neil and Liz.
Photo: Bill Ng, 2019

A Message from Neil’s Family

“Neil‘s life used to revolve around our yellow Labrador, Honey. Sadly, she passed away in 2016 and this is when our family was introduced to PADS. After puppy sitting Kylo, and then Truffle, we were officially hooked.

Father’s Day, 2022 PADS Doppler came into our lives. Unknown at the time, he proved to be the best puppy that would end up accompanying Neil to all his doctors appointments. Doppler was the one thing that kept the spark in the room and could make everyone smile with his quirky personality during Neil’s six month battle with terminal cancer.

Between puppy sitting and puppy raising our family have watched over 20 dogs and transported more than six dogs between Calgary and Vancouver. Our family also had the privilege of raising PADS Autumn and have graciously decided to sponsor PADS Autumn’s newest litter (the BC Birds) in honour of Neil.

We cannot place a value on the dogs we have loved and the friends we have made from being members of the PADS community.” – Carla McLean

Neil and PADS Autumn

Neil, PADS Doppler, and Lindsay


Piper IV







Flicker will soon be travelling to Warrior Canine Connection in Maryland where her father is from.