Why they are Moving for PADS

Nicole says she is moving for PADS because “Having a PADS dog has given me the confidence, independence and freedom to live on my own, accomplish my goals and be an active member of the community. My dog Walker has always been there to help me pick up the dropped pen or open the front door. Together we are unstoppable. During these uncertain times, she has been a source of strength and hope for me. I never feel alone and she is always there to lend a helping paw.”

How they are Moving for PADS

Both Nicole and Walker will be MOVING for PADS. Nicole has been documenting Walker doing physical tasks on her Social Media account and when she is able Nicole hopes to do more outdoors activities, possibly taking Walker for runs to raise more much-needed funds.

Ways to help

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Meet The Team

Nicole & Walker

TEAM GOAL: $1,500

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Get Your Move On

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