It has been a tough month. Everyday I wake up and get busy with my morning to-do list: bathroom and breakfast. Then I have a my first morning nap by the fireplace. If Mom is home she always turns on the fireplace for me. But usually I am at home with Dad because he works from home and he doesn’t like the fireplace as much but he loves to play tug and we do that sometimes.

And most days I get to go on a walk with my big sister; she always saves me from the big, scary, grumpy dogs. Next I have to chew my bone for a bit and before you know it, it’s dinner! After dinner, my parents say some weird noises at me and I have to do stuff and get treats, sometimes I just guess and they give me treats anyways. Then I have another nap before accomplishing my last to-do list items: bathroom, toothpaste eating and getting into my cozy kennel.

Submitted by: Mark Rempel