Paul Lindquist

Paul started raising for PADS in November 2013, when he would take Brian Smith’s older dogs as he moved on to raising a newer puppy. Over the next 7 years, he has been a Raiser to 11 PADS puppies, one of which is our very own PADS Rico who he raised from a puppy and on his own in the Okanagan before PADS Okanagan was born.  Paul wears many hats for the PADS Okanagan group: he has been a puppy starter, a puppy raiser and is often known to take problem dogs and have them spend time at what has is known as “Paul’s boot camp”.  

Paul helps in so many ways, by delivering dog food, capes or even dogs as they transfer about our Okanagan group.  He’s also been known to make day trips to PADS Burnaby with a car full of dogs to make sure they can attend important assessments or medical appointments.  He’s also delivered dogs to Rob on Vancouver Island and may have one or twice delivered a handful of puppies to our PADS Okanagan raisers.  

It fills our hearts with joy to present Paul with the 2020 Volunteer of the Year award for PADS Okanagan, for his wholehearted commitment to helping however he can in support of the PADS crew.