PADS 2021 Calendar Submissions


We are looking for a wide variety of photos, breeds, ages, moments… posed and candid, breathtaking and humourous… help us tell the PADS story of faithfulness, connection and independence.  The selection committee’s decisions will be based on selecting a collection that represents PADS program, regions and dogs and photos are selected based on the overall quality and composition.



  • Photographs MUST be submitted by the photographer, you cannot submit on someone else’s behalf.
  • By submitting the form below you are giving PADS full rights to use the photo in both the calendar and marketing activities, you will be contacted to sign a usage agreement if your photo is used.
  • Photos must be at least 1600px x 1600px (larger if they will need cropping).



Please note, one form must be completed & submitted per image.

Submission Categories 


PADS clients, help us highlight where our puppies wind up! We’d love to feature short vignettes of our certified teams in our wall calendar.  To share a photo and a quote which we can publish, highlighting what your PADS dog means to you, please fill out the form below called “Client  Vignettes”.

For this category, we’re looking for photos of teams (in or out of vest) or PADS Dogs at work (in vest).


Help us highlight important occasions in 2021. These photos will be small thumbnails in the wall calendar (thus may be a good option for lower resolution images), submit photos that capture some aspect of the holidays and events below. 

New Years

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day
Indigenous Peoples Day
“Labrador” Day (Labour Day)



CalendAr Features

These will be our Calendar Feature Images in both the wall and desk calendar.  Bring on your breathtaking, awwwww inspiring, or emotion inducing puppies in training. 

Submissions now closed

Submissions for the 2021 Calendar are now closed. Stay tuned for the final selection! 

Cover: Puppy Dog Eyes

Here we are looking for a sweet picture of a young puppy in vest.

January: New Year / New beginnings 

This can be anything from a pup with a happy new year sign or hat, a baby puppy in cape, a puppy on a new adventure! Let’s get creative!

February: Puppy Love

Have a picture of a smooshy puppy? What about two dogs cuddling? Send in your most awww inspiring photo.

March: Training outdoors 

Show us your best shot of training outside! We ask that photos for this category be of a dog in vest.

April: Friendship

For this category, we are looking for a group shot of dogs, or a photo of a few dogs playing, our dogs being a friend to their hoomans, or any other photo that makes you think of friendship! The possibilities are endless!

 May: Spring Training
Our community is always finding new experiences for our dogs, for this category we are looking for a  dog training outside in vest.

June: Super Heroes 

Figurative or literal – dogs showing their superpowers. Let’s show everyone how all our pups are superheroes! Have a picture of a puppy in cape out in the world? Have a photo of a pup in a superhero costume? Maybe you have a photo of a dog in a superhero pose? All of these photos can be submitted to this category. Show us how your PADS puppy is your superhero!

July: Summer Fun

Show us how your PADS dog enjoys the summer!

August: Puppy Pride

Our PADS community has been long-standing supporters of Pride month, show us how your PADS Pup celebrates pride month!

September: Back to School

Has your PADS pup visited a school to spread some joy? Do you work in a school and your PADS pup accompanies you every day? Send us your best shots of your pup working in these environments. Perhaps a photo of a pup in front of their school, reading with their kids (kids face hidden please), or next to a backpack?

October: Fun in the Fall

Have a photo of a PADS dog in the fall? The autumn colours and falling leaves make for a wonderful backdrop of pictures of our Dogs. Send in your best shot!

November: Dogs in the snow 

Have a great picture of a PADS dog playing in the snow!  Send in your best shot!

December: Happy Holidays

T’is the Season to get together with family and friends and celebrate your holiday traditions. Have a picture of a PADS pup that looks particularly festive? We’d love to see it.

January: Group Shot

Send in your best shot of a group of PADS dogs ( in or out of cape).