Conclusion Of Journey

Lauren is expected to arrive at the Calgary training Center Monday, August 24th between 12:45 and 1:00 pm MST.

Tune in to our Facebook live stream to watch Lauren finish this incredible ride.


How they are Moving for PADS

Starting tomorrow – August 15, Lauren will cycle from the PADS Burnaby Campus to the Calgary Training Centre to raise awareness for PADS.  Kelsey will be the support driver and Kelsey’s 2 amazing dogs – (former PADS dog) Arrow & (awesome pet dog) Gabi are joining them to act as Mascots.



Why they are Moving for PADS

PADS is meaningful to Lauren as she has seen the love and effort which goes into raising, training, and matching these dogs with a human partner, changing lives in terrific ways. As a young girl, Lauren fondly recalls the sense of freedom she felt by riding her bike to the lake, a friend’s house, or just out to explore. It is that sense of freedom that makes PADS so special to Lauren, as she sees freedom afforded to people who are partnered with PADS dogs.  The team hopes to raise $40K enough to sponsor a graduate team.

Ways to help

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  • Track their progress and cheer Lauren along her route (see map below) 



Gabi, Kelsey & Arrow 


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