Position Statement: Shock Collars

In recent days there has been a great deal of discussion in the media surrounding the BCSPCA’s recently launched campaign against the use of shock collars.  This is a campaign that PADS supports wholeheartedly, knowing first hand the benefits of using positive reinforcement training, in lieu of these aversive devices. 

PADS as an organization has a strict policy against the use of aversive devices such as shock and prong collars.  Furthermore, as an Assistance Dogs International accredited school we have committed to upholding ADI standards of compassionate care and training (which includes a ban on the use of these devices).  

PADS program is based in positive reinforcement training, which ensures that we are raising happy, confident assistance dogs that change lives.  Positive reinforcement training:

  • Improves communication with your dog
  • Builds a relationship in which the dog is an active participant
  • Promotes an engaged canine learner that enjoys rather than fears learning
  • Develops dogs that are willing and enjoy offering behaviours in order to earn rewards such as attention or food
  • Builds dogs that behave well because they’ve learned that it’s rewarding to do so, which increases the odds that that behaviour will continue

Global News Segment

A news segment aired on GlobalBC on Friday, February 22nd that showed Global file footage of a PADS puppy with the voiceover of a shock collar supporter. The individual making the statements is in no way connected to PADS.  The statements made in support of shock collars are in no way representative of PADS views or our training methodologies. PADS has contacted Global to request that this file footage be removed from the segment, however we felt it important to publish our position on the topic given it has already aired.